History - The Rising Enterprise

History 1

Very fortunate indeed, the generation of 1890’s-1900’s! Athens was an idyllic little state. The streets were unpaved, dusty and full of mud, according to the period. Seldom, electric lights made their appearance themselves. Carriages were in rarity, so couldn’t spoil the peaceful scene.

Forthwith, lamps of kerosene-oil were dominant at that time. A picturesque horse-railway gave life to Stadiou street and announced, before hand, the establishment of one of the most well known trade houses of Greece: ’’Panellinios Agora’’.
History 2

And while Athens turned its face to the last quarter of the Nineteenth Century, our ancestors, Panagis and Vassilios Drakatos were keenly aware of the fact that Constantinople, where they had been living, was an international mercantile crossroad.

These men had the intuition and the fortitude to start as peddlers, and thanks to their continuous endeavors, expand their trade activity to the Capital of Greece, which was a hatching commercial center. Their experience and even more their knowledge to the full, enabled them to identify the opportunities in this new market. There was a need for a kind of Store similar to the big European Trade Houses.
History 3

In conditions that were unfriendly and vague, they dreamed of giving birth to a place, which would give unlimited pleasure to kids and their parents, too. The idea was a total new concept with one last but important concern: ’Total respect to the customers’ needs!’.

This spirit was an emblem, that later on as a heritage revealed the biggest comparative advantage of this over a century enterprise. Unique events cannot be ’planned’. So, ’Bazaar Panhellenique’ finally opened its doors in 1896 at number 9 of Stadiou street.
History 4

The brand new enormous store at its full length occupied the total foresight of the square building at Stadiou street.

Its dazzling show cases full of marvelous toys, sport articles, tourist goods, attracted from the beginning, these tiny-little figures, and also curious elder ones that voraciously stared at these ‘’unheard of’’ windows.
History 5

Drakatos family gradually gained invaluable knowledge of the market, and day-by-day oriented its actions to improve not only Panellinios' position but also the Athenian Commerce in general. For that reason our grand-grand father Panagis Drakatos, already well-known in 1910 and close friend of Eleftherios Venizelos( the most historic Prime Minister of al times in Greek history), took a lot of pain in achieving with the help of the famous politician, to legislate the system of the definite price. That was the most crucial step for the development of the trade those years, because till then, bargaining was the most common.

In the late 1990’s a major transformation in Panellinios Agora strategic mission was about to begin. A major shift to Wholesale Commerce in both toys and sport articles was synonymous with the transitional period of the Enterprise.
History 6

Our over a century heritage and knowledge enabled us to switch successfully to new business activities.

history 6Unquestionably, Panellinios Agora Games IKE, the ‘’entrepreneurial child’’ of ‘’Panellinios Agora’’ is one of these business vehicles, which hold valuable information collected from and utilized on behalf of our customers.

Supported with a fresh management and operational team as well as with new investment forces, P.A.Games has been more flexible, active and emotionally closer to our loyal clients embarking on a more aggressive pursue of its business vision.